Saturday, May 11, 2013

Calling all fellow "indie" authors -->

Or whatever you call yourself. Indie. Self-pub. Pure awesome (just kidding... or am I?). LISTEN UP! I want to help you. Or rather, I want to help promote you. Actually, I just really want to give away free stuff, but all I have are old paperback books that everyone has already read, so I need new stuff to give away. Fun stuff. Exciting stuff.

So if you have a book (or books) you want to give away, I'm putting together a contest. While giving away your books for free sounds very counter intuitive, it is actually one of the best things you can do to get your name out there. If you're interested, e-mail me ( ) and we'll get started! I only ask that your book(s) be in the romance genre. Pretty easy, right?

I'm also always interested in hosting interviews and guest posts. Other authors/bloggers have been very kind in letting me do interviews/posts for them in the past, and I am a big believer in paying it forward. I also (selfishly) want to network with more authors out there, especially since I've been living in a deep, dark hole for the past three months while I feverishly attempt to wrap up The Runaway Duchess.

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