Monday, May 6, 2013

No News is Always Bad News

I got too ambitious again.

I thought I could have a finished novel ready for a May 10th release date. And while The Runaway Duchess is finished, it isn't finished finished. Right now, it sort of looks like this:

Complete with official looking coffee stains and everything. While the story is complete and I know how it ends and I am over the moon happy with how everything turned out, I am still very much in the final editing phase. Now, I could most likely rush everything and have it out by Friday... But it wouldn't be perfect and if there's anything I've learned about myself through self publishing, it's that I demand perfection. 

If I was sending The Runaway Duchess off to an agent or a publisher would I be satisfied with what I have now? Absolutely. 100%. But I'm not sending it out to an agent or a publisher. I'm sending it out to you and because you're awesome and amazing and awesome (can you tell I've been editing until my brain wants to fall out?) I don't want to give you anything less than you deserve, which would be a novel as close to perfect as I can make it. 

Marketing also comes into play. Often before a big release (and this is definitely a BIG release) I like to do free promotions on my other books to get the buzz going. Because I've been totally consumed with everything that is Charlotte and Gavin, I haven't been able to do that. I want to do that. As a self published author I need to do that. 

This book WILL be released in May. It will not be released on May 10th.

The second it is completed and perfect and beautiful and ready to go, you will be the first to know. Until then, I'm going to continue to keep my head down and stay busy, which means the trend of no new posts/facebook messages will continue.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for being so patient & understanding!

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