Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holy Shit.

I know, I know, not the most elegant title. But there you have it. 

So a few of you probably thought I fell off the edge of the earth these past few days weeks months and I guess in some way, I did. 

Writing, editing, rewriting, proofreading, rewriting, and formatting a full length novel is (big secret here) a LOT of frickin' work! I am absolutely mystified as to how some writers manage to pump out absolutely FABULOUS novels on a semi-regular basis without breaking a sweat. I hate them almost as much as I want to be them. 

But the moment is here. 

The moment where I get to say.... 


I thought I would (hahahahahahaha) have it done by May. 

Then Charlotte was all like "no way am I going to put up with Gavin if he acts like THIS" and Gavin was all "get this bitch away from me" and I was all "DAMNIT! Why can't you two just GET ALONG?!!"

It's been a rocky road (yum, ice cream). There have been fights and tears along the way. I seriously considered pitching my computer out the window at some point. Thankfully I changed my mind. 

In the end, I am over the moon happy with how the novel turned out. Will it win a pulitzer? Bahahaha. 


But I honestly believe it's the best work I've put out so far (can I say that without sounding like some hoity toity stuck up snob?) and I am really, really, really peeing my pants terrified excited to think what you guys think about it. 

So now you get swarmed with release date updates and silly character profiles and contests and blah blah blah while I hide in my office obsessively clicking the 'refresh' button on my Goodreads to see who has added The Runaway Duchess to their TBR list and if any new (GASP! SQUEAL! AHHH!) reviews have been posted. 

The first stop on that epic train of self indulgent promotion is a OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE which will be announced right here, by yours truly (as if anyone else would put it up here... I mean... I have secretaries. I have LOTS of secretaries! I'm a VIP, you know... My mom tells me all the time, so it must be true).

What: Release Date Announcement for The Runaway Duchess
Where: Right here! Duh. 
When: July 11th

I'm pretty sure there are more W's, but I can't remember. Good thing I write romances and not hardcore news stories. 

Anyways, if you want to know exactly when TRD is coming out (hint -- SOON!) check back here tomorrow. I can't say exactly when it will be posted (damn you, regular job) but it will be up at some point. I pinky swear. 

Until then, if you want to be TOTALLY AWESOME you can add The Runaway Duchess to your to-be-read pile on Goodreads just by clicking the picture. Easy, right? 

The Runaway Duchess