Monday, January 14, 2013

OFFICIAL Release Announcement for 'A Gentle Grace'!

It's what a lot of you have been waiting for! The official official (because if you say it twice it makes it really legit) release date for A Gentle Grace, the fourth and FINAL novella in the Wedded Women Quartet.


Yep. Next Tuesday A Gentle Grace will be available on Amazon! It's been a longer road than I had anticipated, but I am very happy with how Stephen and Grace's story turned out... and I hope you will be as well. 

Leading up to the release A Lascivious Lady, the third novella in the quartet, will be FREE on Amazon from Thursday, the 17th through the 21st. And starting tomorrow there will be a contest to win a copy of A Gentle Grace delivered to your kindle/i-pad the day it comes out! For more details check out my Facebook page. 

If you have yet to start the Wedded Women Quartet, now is a great time to start! As with the other novellas in the series A Gentle Grace is very much a standalone, but all three women from the previous books make rather large guest appearances, as you can read for yourself in the sneak peak below, taken from Chapter Ten:


From across the floor Catherine and Josephine watched Grace and Stephen’s very public exchange with wide eyes while their husbands beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.
“We should go after Grace,” Catherine said at once. She gathered up her skirts to do just that, and glanced down with some surprise when she felt Josephine’s hand close around her wrist.
“No,” the blond said calmly. “I do not think we should.”
Catherine blinked. “I must have heard you incorrectly. It sounded as if you do not want to go rescue Grace from Lord Melbourne… But surely that is not what you meant to imply.”
“That is exactly what I meant to imply.” Josephine rolled her eyes. “Honestly, have you ever known me to say something I do not mean? Let them go. If Grace needs us, she will come and find us.”
“No, no ‘buts’. Grace came here with the intention of finding Stephen and that is exactly what she has done. Now they will either come to terms with their feelings or come apart completely, but at least it will be done once and for all.”
Catherine crossed her arms and took a reluctant step back. “I do so hate it when you are right.”
“I know you do,” Josephine said cheerfully. “Want to make a bet?”
“On Grace and Stephen’s reconciliation?” Catherine’s eyebrows snapped together over sapphire eyes that flashed with disapproval. “Really, Josie, this time you have gone too far. Betting on our dear friend’s happiness is—”
“Horribly vulgar,” Josephine finished for her. “Which is why I made it with Margaret before she left. No, I am talking about how long our husbands will remain in hiding. It’s like magic, really. A woman sheds a few tears and they go poof, like little rabbits disappearing into a hat.” 
Releasing a very un-ladylike snort, Catherine tapped one gloved finger thoughtfully against her chin. “Ten pounds they come back within the hour.”
“Twenty they stay out of sight until midnight.”
“Twenty it is.”
Exchanging a quick grin, the two women linked arms and sauntered off.    

  A Gentle Grace (Wedded Women Quartet, #4)

Are there second chances in love?

Lady Grace Deringer has loved Lord Stephen Melbourne, Earl of Terraview, almost from the first moment they met. She thought he returned her feelings, but when he disappears mere weeks before their wedding she is left heart broken and disillusioned. How could she have been so wrong about something she believed was so right?

The last thing in the world Stephen ever wanted to do was leave Grace. For reasons he could not explain, he was forced to give up the woman he loved for a woman whose life he was determined to save. When he finally returns to London, it is for one reason and one reason only: to win back Grace’s heart, no matter the cost.

But can Grace love the man who left her? And can Stephen trust her with his most dangerous secret? Find out in A Gentle Grace, the much anticipated conclusion to the Wedded Women Quartet! 

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