Saturday, January 12, 2013

Exciting News for Nook Users!

I'm so excited. How excited? I'll let this dog sum it up:

Now, why am I jumping around like a maniac, you might ask? Well, because all of my books, starting with A Brooding Beauty, are going to be available at Barnes and Noble! One of the reasons I haven't done this before now it because I had all of my titles enrolled in Amazon's KDP Select program, which is what enabled me to do all of my various free promotions. The only catch is that if you are in said program, your books must remain exclusive to Amazon.

There is a quite a bit of debate in the self-pub world about the KDP Select program. Some authors love it. Some despise it with every fiber of their being. I'm more in the "love it" category for two big reasons:

A) I like giving back to my readers, and free books is an easy way to do that

B) Every free promotion I have ever done has, without fail, boosted my sales after the fact 

For us small time authors, your name is everything. Which means getting your name out to the general public is everything. The last time I did a big time free promo it was for The Winter Wish, my newest historical romance release. In three days I gave away 2,700 copies. If even a QUARTER of those people who got The Winter Wish like it enough to search out and purchase just one of my other books, that translates into 675 sales. So yes. The KDP Select program has been a big help for me and I thank Amazon profusely for it.

But the time has come to make my books available to people who don't have a kindle, so here is a timeline for the release of the Wedded Women Quartet novellas at Barnes & Noble:

A Brooding Beauty - OUT NOW!

A Ravishing Redhead - 02/01/13

A Lascivious Lady - 02/14/13 (Happy Valentine's Day!

A Gentle Grace - TBA*

* [I do have a scheduled release date for A Gentle Grace which will be announced on Monday! However, once it is published via Amazon, it will be locked into the KDP Select program for 90 days, only after which it will be available on Barnes & Noble, so look for it there in April!]

To purchase A Brooding Beauty for your nook, click right here.

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