Friday, February 28, 2014

The Evolution of a Cover

One of the perks (at least I think so) of being self-published is that you have complete control over your cover design. For me, this has definitely been a learn-as-you-go process over the past two years. To illustrate that, I thought I would share with you the four separate covers I've made for my very first novella, A Brooding Beauty, ending with the newest cover which I debuted on Facebook just last night! 

Prepare to cringe. I know I did. 


I remember (embarrassingly enough) really liking this cover. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who did. It didn't last very long. By the time A Ravishing Redhead was released I'd discovered Big Stock Photo (where I now get all my stock images) and I was on to bigger and better things. Like...


I really loved this model. Turns out so did everyone else and their brother. This image is very popular for self-published historical romances, which is why I quickly nixed it. 


This cover has been used the longest (just over a year, I believe) and I picked it because of the model's expression: cold and a little haughty, just like Catherine. Still, trends change, and I didn't like how squished up all the font was. Which leads me to...


The newest cover! I am mildly obsessed with it, and I hope readers will like it as well. I kept the same stock image from the last cover and just tweaked it a little bit by playing around with centering and zoom. I want potential readers to see the title first, my name second, the actual woman third, and 'Wedded Women Quartet' last. 

I am happy to announce that ALL of my historical romance covers will be getting a similar facelift, which I hope will streamline things a bit so a reader glances at the cover and instantly says, 'Yep, that's a book by Jillian Eaton' (as if people know who I am... oh, I'm so funny). 

So what do you think? Yay? Nay? Sound off in the comments! 

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