Friday, February 14, 2014

New Historical Romance Trilogy!

I promised you big news on Valentine's Day, and here it is! 

A brand new, full length Regency Era trilogy entitled 
"The Rookery Rakes"

The first novel in the series is scheduled for an April release. It has a bit of everything: romance, danger, kidnapping, intrigue, scandal, a strong willed heroine and, of course, a to-die-for hero. Seriously. West Green may just be my favorite character yet. He's intelligent, charming, handsome... and ruthless.

I'm not going to reveal the cover quite yet, but I can give you the synopsis and the title! To keep track of updates as they occur, make sure to add it to your Goodreads TBR list. 

Being kidnapped was not nearly as fun and exciting as Lady Emily Wilmington thought it would be…

And so begins the story of Emily and West. She was the privileged daughter of a duke, raised in the lap of luxury. He was an orphan, raised in London’s most nefarious rookery. Their paths never should have crossed, but as Emily and West are about to discover fate doesn’t always adhere to the rules of society… 

It should have been an easy plan. Kidnap the girl, collect the ransom. Just another day’s work for the Duke of St. Giles, a man whose ruthlessness is rumored to know no bounds. But from the first moment West meets Emily, a woman who is as infuriatingly stubborn as she is breathtakingly beautiful, he knows nothing is going to go according to plan…

From the slums of London to the rolling hills of Southampton, join Emily and West as they partake in a journey of danger, passion, and love that will change both of their lives… forever.   

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