Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Here! It's Here! It's Finally Here!

A Gentle Grace (Wedded Women Quartet, #4)

I don't think I can fully express myself in words for how excited I am that A Gentle Grace is finally on Amazon and the Wedded Women Quartet is complete. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I continue to be flabbergasted by all the "real" authors who have written great series and not gone absolutely stark raving mad by the end (I'm looking at you, JK Rowling... You're a robot, aren't you? AREN'T YOU??!!). Now I can only sit back and hope that I've satisfied my readers and given Stephen and Grace the story that they deserve. 

A few of you have asked me if Catherine, Margaret, Josephine, and Grace will pop up in any of my other books going forward -- and while I can't say for certain that they will, I can say that I am quite comfortable (for the moment) writing in the Regency Era, so you never know. I already started my next project last night, a full length historical romance novel. I have enjoyed writing novellas, but I want to offer my readers something they can really sink their teeth into. I also have a vague idea of another novella quartet series, but for right now I want to focus completely on writing what I have tentatively titled "The Runaway Duchess". So basically what I'm saying is don't expect anything new from me for a little while. 

That includes my young-adult books. To be completely honest I haven't yet begun the sequel to After Ever and I am only halfway through the follow up to Pitch. My brain works in mysterious ways, and right now it is demanding that I write about long flowing skirts and extravagant balls and brooding men with soulful eyes. Will I get back to YA eventually? Yes, of course. I love reading it and writing it, but I can't force it, and I don't want to put out anything that I can't stand behind 100%. 

But for now, at least for today, I'm just going to do my little happy dance and soak in the fact that I finally got A Gentle Grace to where it needed to be. Without your support and your barrage of e-mails demanding to know "but what about Grace and Stephen??!!" it wouldn't have happened, so thank you. As always, you're the best. 

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