Thursday, July 12, 2012

where is jett today? maine edition

If you've read one of my short biographies (I think the one on Amazon) then you know I grew up in Maine. It truly is a beautiful state, and I always find myself a little bit homesick every summer. I miss the rolling fields, the beautiful sea of lupines on the side of every road, and the salty scent of the ocean in the air. So I have made it a point to visit home once a year, usually between July and August (case in point last July I got engaged here!), and that is where I am now. Unfortunately this time around the fiancee could not make the nine hour trip because of work (booo hisss) so I brought the next best thing... 

Getting ready to leave! So excited!!!

The open road....

Less excited after four hours of driving.

Being a passenger is so exhausting...

*insert human squeals of excitement/temporary dog panic here*

So there you have it. Our uneventful trip to Maine, minus the part where I got wicked car sick (who knew this could happen to the driver?) and had to spend an hour in a rest stop listening to little kids kick at my bathroom door and whine "but what's WRONG with her, Mommy?" Yeah, it was as awesome as it sounds.

Besides a Bridal Shower on Sunday, I have absolutely zero plans except for writing and relaxing. I want to finish A Lascivious Lady, start Black, the sequel to Pitch, and begin just THINKING about the followup to After Ever. Fingers crossed!

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