Monday, July 9, 2012

excerpt from a lascivious lady

Please enjoy the second excerpt I have chosen to share with you from A Lascivious Lady, the third novella in the Wedded Women Quartet, being released in August! This time it is from Traverson's point of view. He is speaking with Catherine (yes, the same Catherine from A Brooding Beauty) about the best way to handle his wife.

Why not be a dear and bring up the tea I just had made for her?” Looking as sublimely pleased with herself as a cat that had just swallowed the proverbial canary, Catherine nodded to a silver tea set resting on a carrier in the hall. “I am certain Josephine will be thrilled to see you.”
Something they both knew to be false. Surprised? Yes. Furious? Most definitely. Thrilled? Traverson swallowed hard. Not in a million years. And he would be bringing her ammunition to throw at his head. He glanced at the heavy tea pot and winced as he imagined the lump that would leave.
As if she could sense his sudden trepidation, Catherine stepped closer and patted his arm. In a whisper, she said, “I admire your bravery in coming here, Lord Gates. I know you and Josephine have had your trials, but I also know that you are the perfect man for her.”
Traverson barely contained his snort of disbelief. “That is very kind, Your Grace, however I—”
“I know what I know,” she said sternly, narrowing her eyes at him. “And I know that while Josephine may think she needs a man strong enough to bring her to heel, what she really needs is a man gentle enough to understand her. Can you be that man, Lord Gates?”
“I can certainly try.”
“Very good.” Releasing his arm, Catherine rubbed her hands briskly together and pointed at the tea set. “Go up the stairs and turn left. It is the third door on the right. Oh, and Traverson dear?”
“Do remember to duck.” 
 A Lascivious Lady  (Wedded Women Quartet, #3)

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