Monday, June 11, 2012

where is jett today?

So I have this dog. Actually, he's more like a weasel. That's what we call him. Weasel dog. Or just plain Weasel. Or, my fiancee's favorite, "The Weez." His real name is Jett, and I got him from the pound almost a year ago. Pound dogs ROCK. If you don't have one, go get one. Now, I say. Anyways, Jett often ends up in precarious places. Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're not. So I decided to start a weekly blog feature, to run on Mondays, that answers the question, "Where is Jett today?" 

Hahaha, Mom! You didn't know where I was!
I climbed in here all by myself! Bet you can't guess how I did it!
You mean you don't like the scratch marks? Well, this isn't fun
anymore. I want to get out now. 

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