Sunday, June 10, 2012

3 days to go: 21 questions with Winnie

Heeeyyyy folks! Thanks for stopping by today for our first ever game of 21 Questions featuring Winnifred Coleman, the heroine of the soon-to-be-released After Ever. So grab a drink, pull up a seat, and sit back while we explore what makes Win tick. (Disclosure: this interview was taken right before After Ever begins, which means questions about death, dying, or Sam would be irrelevant - so they won't be asked)

1) So let's get the basics out of the way. How old are you?

2) Oh! Did you have a sweet sixteen birthday like on MTV??

3) Ook... Do you have any siblings?
Just one. My younger brother Brian 

4) How old is he?

5) Do you like having a younger brother?
I wasn't aware I had a choice in the matter. (pauses) He's okay, I guess. 

6) What grade are you in at school?
A junior. I skipped second grade. 

7) You skipped a grade? You must be pretty smart!
Not really 

8) What's your favorite subject?

9) Do you have a boyfriend?
Do you?

10) I'm engaged, actually. Thank's for asking. Why did you agree to this interview if you're just going to be a smart ass the entire time?
Extra credit. And for the record I don't think it's good etiquette for the interviewer to call the interviewee a smart ass.   

11) Er, we'll keep that off the record. So what do you like to do for fun?
I go to the movies a lot. And I take care of Brian. 

12) What do your parents do?
My dad is a lawyer. 

13) And your mother?
I don't want to talk about her. 

14) She passed away recently, didn't she?
Are you deaf? I said I DON'T want to talk about her!

15) Okay, okay. Sorry. Jeez. Tell me about your piercings. How many do you have?
Five. Ears, eyebrow, nose, lip. 

16) Did they hurt?
What do you think?

17) When did you get them?
I got my ears pierced on my thirteenth birthday. All the others I had done... recently.  

18) And your star tattoo? What made you get that?
Does this count as two questions or one?
I like stars. I wanted something... different.  

19) Well they certainly are different. So I hear you're taking a trip on your winter break. Where are you going?
Blackhawk Mountain in Maine. We go every year. 

20) So the entire family is going?
Yep. Me, Brian, my dad, and Girlfriend #3. Just one big, happy family. 

21) Girlfriend #3?
I think that's pretty self explanatory.   

Well, have fun on your vacation! Maybe we can do another interview when you get back? 
Uh... Yeah, that would be fun. Thanks. 

NOTE TO AUTHORS/WRITERS: This was actually a really fun, enlightening exercise that I encourage all writers to do with their characters (if you don't do it already). Does Winnie come across as a sullen, sarcastic teen? Yes. But she IS a sullen, sarcastic teen and even though I definitely cringed at some of her answers, they were all true to her character. 

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