Monday, June 4, 2012

all about after ever: 8 days to go

And so the countdown begins... 

To the release of my first full length novel! 

In exactly eight days After Ever, a young adult paranormal that explores life after death, will be released. Originally I had it scheduled to come out tomorrow, but then I realized that wouldn't be very fair to the book since:
 A) Pitch just came out and all I've been doing is talking about that 
 B) I didn't even do a countdown or ANYTHING (and I seriously love countdowns)
So I will be doing an eight day feature on the blog, every day revealing something new about After Ever. Today will just sort of be a recap about the book as a whole, for those of you who haven't heard of it before, and for those of you who added it to your TBR list ages ago (love you) and may have forgotten about it since then.

First up? The cover, of course. 

I seriously love this cover. I am considering going with a slightly darker version (which will be revealed on Thursday) only because it seems to make the colors pop a bit more. I really like the fluent body language of the model, and simply adore the color scheme. Dudarev Mikhail, you are a genius. 

So what is After Ever about? Well, here is the official blurb:
 “Just because you’re dead doesn't mean you can’t die again in a thousand different ways.” 
For sixteen year old Winnie Coleman, dying is the least of her worries. Between coming to terms with her mother’s unexpected death, trying to think up new and inventive ways to break up her father and Girlfriend #3, and keeping her brother from chewing off his fingers, she has her hands full. Courtesy of a thin patch of ice and failed swimming lessons, all of that changes in the blink of an eye.
In death Winnie will find the answers that eluded her in life, and a whole slew of other questions she never thought to ask. Like why is she stuck with Sam for a guide? Sure, he’s funny and cute in a geeky sort of way, but he wears sweater vests… and loafers. For a girl who has tattoos on her face and glue in her hair, it’s not exactly the best match up.
But when Sam is taken and his very existence threatened, Winnie must make the ultimate choice between cowardice and courage. Faithlessness and loyalty. Family... and love.
Suspenseful and action packed, After Ever is a must read for anyone who ever wondered: what happens next?
At it's heart, After Ever is really just a story about a girl trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs, and just because she meets an untimely end doesn't mean those questions are allowed to go unanswered. There is a little romance, but for all those "insta-love" junkies out there, a fair warning: you won't find any of that here. Nor are there vampires, elves, mermaids, zombies, faeries, werewolves, etc. There is, however, a big nasty villain with a serious vendetta.

So that's it for the wrap up! Here is a schedule for the rest of the countdown, so make sure to check back daily so you don't miss anything! 

  • Monday: After Ever Catch Up
  • Tuesday: Quote Time / Contest for a FREE copy of After Ever begins!
  • Wednesday: Interview with Winnie
  • Thursday: Pick a Cover
  • Friday: First Chapter Reveal
  • Saturday: Interview with Sam
  • Sunday: ???
  • Tuesday: RELEASE DAY!  

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