Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7 days: contest & quotes!

After Ever is officially one week away! I'm already getting goosies goosebumps (does it annoy the heck out of anyone else when J Lo uses that word on American Idol?). Today I'll be sharing some quotes with you, and of course it's the start of the contest to win a free copy of After Ever. Let's get that out of the way first, k?


1) Only one entry per person
2) Contest ends Monday at midnight
3) Winner announced on Tuesday morning
4) To enter, answer the following question in the comments:

If you died today, what is one material possession you would take with you?

Remember to include your e-mail, because if you're the winner I want to be able to contact you to give you your prize!


Now for some quotes. . . 

The long mirror above the sink catches my reflection. I look myself straight in the eye, refusing to flinch from the stranger who glares silently back at me. This stranger has long black hair twisted into thick ropey dreadlocks. Her skin is pale, the hollows under her eyes tinged with purple. Her silver piercings flash white gold under the fluorescent lights and her tongue pokes out to lick at the hoop in her lip. Miniature blue stars peek out along the curve of her hairline and disappear behind her right ear. They are not her only tattoo, simply the most visible. This stranger is too skinny, too gangly, too dark, too everything. This stranger does not smile or laugh. She is sarcastic and rude, this stranger, and if I knew her I wouldn’t be friends with her. I wouldn’t even give her a second glance. - Winnie Coleman 

By the looks of the boy he isn’t that much older than me. Sixteen, seventeen at the most. His hair, neither blond nor brown but a mixture of the two, is cut short and neat. Black horn rimmed glasses sit high on the bridge of his nose. Studious gray eyes watch me through the clear lenses. He is tall, taller than me, broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip. He would have almost been cute, if not for…
“Are you wearing a sweat vest?” I ask incredulously.
“And penny loafers. The horror, right?” he [Sam] says with a grin. 

“You’re kind of a jerk. You know that, don't you?” - Sam to Winnie

 I cry for myself. For the life I will never have. For the college I will never go to. For the man I will never meet. For the children I will never raise.
I am dead. - Winnie 


  1. If I died today I would take my little jade egg which was given to my by my grandma.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! As the only person who entered the contest, you win! Yay! :) A copy of After Ever will be sent your way shortly!