Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why you want to read After Ever

You know those authors who not only write amazing books, but are also always witty and charming and funny? I mean, no matter what these authors are always on their A game, whether it be a blog post or interview or blurb on Good Reads. And you know their book is going to be AWESOME because how can it be anything else when every word they write is either rolling on the floor hilarious or deeply thought provoking?

Yeah... that's totally not me.

I have been contemplating how to raise awareness for After Ever before it hits Amazon in May. A blurb on Good Reads seemed like the best idea, but how to go about it in a way that comes across as witty and charming and funny? I mean, there is just no way I can compete with the originality and utter coolness that was demonstrated by Elizabeth May for her upcoming release The Falconer. Hilarious stuff, that. And man do I want to read that book now! Ms. May, mission accomplished. 

Long story short, I decided to sit down and just list out what After Ever is and what it is not. If you like what's on the list, hopefully you'll check it out. And without further adieu, here you go:  

After Ever Has

fairies (faeries?)
gods & goddesses

now that THAT'S cleared up...

main character with dreadlocks 
main character with mary sue syndrome
snarky wannabe evil stepmother
evil villain who rips off faces
mysterious woman in white
possessive love interest who is stunningly perfect
sweet, charming Sam who wears sweater vests and glasses
bad ass knife wielding friend 
love triangles 

So... yeah. Check it out! 

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