Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sexual tension, anyone?

(As you probably noticed, The Risque Resolution was not released on Tuesday. A last minute read through brought to light a few things I didn't think were absolutely perfect, so it's going through one last final round of edits which will push the release date back -- but only by a couple days!) 

For me, the chemistry between James and Lily was there from the very beginning. To which you say well duh, you're the one writing the story, aren't you?? To which I say well yes, but ultimately it's up to the characters to decide if they're drawn to each other or not and let me tell you, Lily and James are very, very drawn to each other as evidenced by this short little excerpt. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife! At least that's what I like to tell myself. Anyways, hope you enjoy it. And look for The Risque Resolution in its entirety on Amazon and Barnes and Noble very, very soon! 


Sliding out of his boots, James stepped forward. “I have tried to deny it, but you have felt it too, haven’t you? In the ballroom, and then in the study.” His expression bemused, as though he himself couldn’t quite believe what he was saying, he shook his head. “You are without doubt the most antagonizing woman I have ever met… and the most desirable.”
He was coming closer, Lily noted. Close enough for her to see his face without shadow. Close enough for her to touch. Close enough for him to reach out and gently, so gently as to barely be felt at all, cup her jaw and tilt her head up. His fingers threaded through the curls that framed her face and she leaned into his hand, helpless not to rub her cheek against the calloused skin of his palm. “T-thank you?” she managed to squeak, not certain if he was paying a compliment, not certain if she remembered what he’d said at all.
James growled low in his throat. It wasn’t an angry sound. More of a frustrated surrender, although what he was surrendering she hadn’t the faintest idea. “You should stop me,” he said huskily. His mouth hovered a hair’s breadth above her own, so close she could see the dark line of stubble on his chin. Their eyes met, their gazes held. For an instant Lily forgot to breathe, and when she finally released the air trapped in her lungs it came out in a rush.
“What if I do not want to?” she whispered.
Something flashed in James’ eyes. Something dark. Something dangerous. Something so thrilling Lily felt her toes curl. “Then heaven help you,” he murmured before he lowered his mouth to hers. 

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