Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting a Little Personal

In addition to writing and obsessing over Goodreads and writing and wasting hours of my life on Facebook and writing and checking out this hilarious tumblr and this one too, I have a few author blogs I like to follow. Veronica Roth, for one. Samantha Young. Keary Taylor. Heather Anastasiu. Some of their books I've read. Some I haven't. All of them put up quirky, funny posts that I find entertaining (obviously) and I love it when they share little insights into their personal, non-writing life. This is probably because I am a stalker like to see what they do outside of penning awesome novels I am insanely jealous of, and a little because it makes them seem more like real people to me. 

In an effort to do the same with all of you, I wanted to share something that was a little personal to me. To be more precise, I wanted to show off share some pictures of my kids -- my two dogs (Finn and Jett) and my two horses (Darwin and Poppy). I always had animals growing up (yay Mom & Dad for being AWESOME!) and one day when I'm filthy rich (har de har har) I imagine spending my days rolling around in a field covered with puppies and kittens. Until then, I guess I'm stuck with these four knuckle heads (children, I call you that with love):


Poppy is a nine year old belgian/halfinger beast I got two 
years ago. She's pretty awesome. She also likes to get
loose and go wandering around the property. I find her in
the strangest places.  

Darwin is my baby. I got him for free straight off the track when
I was a sophomore in college and thought getting a horse would
be super easy and fun! He's a big ham. 

Finn is my five year old husky/wild wolf dog. He thinks
digging huge holes and then staring at me belligerently
is all sorts of fun. 

Jett (AKA "The Weasel") is a two and half year old
cattle dog mix who is convinced he's a cat. 

So that's the gang of crazies! Having four animals can definitely be challenging at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. They make me smile every day, and are great writing company (well, the dogs are... Darwin and Poppy haven't figured out how to get up the stairs yet). And because I'm in a very sharing mood, here are a few more candids. 

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