Friday, March 1, 2013

February by the Numbers

Despite being single on Valentine's day (horror of all horrors) February was very kind to me. I got as high as #67 on Amazon's historical romance authors list, A Gentle Grace stayed in the top 100 for over twenty days, and quite a few readers were kind enough to write reviews both on Amazon and Goodreads. 

Because people have been asking, and because I have no problem with sharing, here are the exact sale numbers broken down:

3,948 books sold

141 books a day

987 books per week

A Gentle Grace was the top seller, followed by:

A Ravishing Redhead
A Lascivious Lady
The Winter Wish
A Brooding Beauty

8,098 books given away

76 returns

Um, I am over the moon happy about this. Seriously. I remember when I first started out and I was averaging five sales a day. I was happy about that too. I guess I'm a happy person all around, but 141 books per day?? Holy smokes. You guys are AWESOME. Of course, I don't write for the sales and I don't write for the money (said no honest author ever) but it is really exciting to see people are actually reading what I've written and then coming back to read some more. This makes me even MORE excited to get The Runaway Duchess out to all of you, so make sure to check back here tomorrow for the cover reveal and first page excerpt!! 

Happy dog is happy. 

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