Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 1: Contest Winner, ABB Free + Excerpt!

Welcome to the Week of the Wedded Women Quartet... I love the way that sounds. Four W's in one sentence? That's hard to do! But I digress. To kick off the WWWQ, I have the winner of the Valentine's Day Prize Pack, an Amazon promotional giveaway to announce, and an excerpt to share with you all! Very exciting. But first things first. 

The winner of the four historical romances & $10 Amazon gift card is... (dun dun DUN)


Congrats! Now all you need to do to claim your prize is send me your mailing address ( and I'll ship your books right out in time for Valentine's Day. 

A Brooding Beauty (Wedded Women Quartet, #1)

I am happy to announce that for the entire week A Brooding Beauty, the first novella in the Wedded Women Quartet, will be FREE on Amazon. So if you haven't started the Quartet, no more excuses! I mean, you can't beat free. And remember, you don't need a kindle to download e-books from Amazon! You can download free reading apps for your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet directly from Amazon just be clicking HERE. I've downloaded the one for my PC ('cause I would never recommend anything to you guys that I haven't tried myself first!) and it is super easy, fast, and basically creates a kindle on your computer/phone/ipad/etc. How cool is that?

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of A Brooding Beauty

“I will grant you your damned divorce, but you will do something for me first,” he gritted out.

“Anything,” said Catherine immediately. Her heart slammed against her rib cage as a wave of elated euphoria swept over her. Finally... Finally she was but one favor away from being free of her husband forever.

Stretching out his long arms Marcus braced his hands against the wooden mantle and leaned into the flames, letting them bath his face in flickering light. Once again he took his time gathering his thoughts, as if he wanted to weigh and measure each word before it was said aloud.

“I do not wish to marry again,” he began at last. “I have found I have neither the patience nor the time a wife requires, and a mistress will suit my needs just as well. But a mistress cannot give me a male heir, at least not a legitimate one, and with no other siblings the responsibility of ensuring the Kensington title stays with the Windfair’s rests on my shoulders alone. Grant me a son and I shall grant you a divorce. A fair arrangement, do you not agree?”

Poor Catherine was so stunned her lips parted half a dozen times before sound finally emerged. “I… you… no, Marcus. No! I will not. Do not ask this of me.”

He sighed and cast her a pitying glance over his shoulder before crossing the room to pour a new glass of scotch. Raising it to his lips he drank deeply and finished half of it in one hard swallow. “Then we shall continue as we have been. You in the city, myself in the country. It really is an ideal arrangement, my dear darling wife. I do not understand why it burdens you so.”

Her mind whirling, Catherine bit down on her bottom lip and worried it between her teeth. A child… She and Marcus had tried to conceive after their wedding, but had been unable. She was afraid she was barren, but had never shared her secret fear with her husband. Was the use of her body too high a price to pay for her freedom?

“I am waiting, Catherine.”

“Fine!” she snapped out, glaring at him with eyes that shot blue fire. “I will do as you ask, but on one condition.”

His glass of scotch paused halfway to his lips. “You will?”

“Yes,” she hissed, tossing her head back. “I will. If this is the only way I can be free of you than I shall do it, but I will take no pleasure from the act.”

“That is fine. I shall take enough for the both of us,” he said crudely.

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