Friday, September 28, 2012

Why I Love September 2012...

Cool Mornings & Chilly Nights

Losing two jean sizes

Jumping Poppy through a grid for the first time

Selling over 1,000 books

Going a total month without my keurig dying


Watching the leaves turn colors

One of these things is not like the others! If you guessed jumping Poppy through a grid selling over 1,000 books IN A SINGLE MONTH, you'd be right! Okay, I know, I know... Compared to regular authors - hell, compared to the likes of Samantha Young and Keary Taylor (love them) - that isn't a lot... But I don't care. It's a lot for me. That's one thousand people out there that I don't know who said, you know what? This book looks good. I think I'm going to buy it! AND THEN THEY DID. I don't write to make money. I don't write to make sales. But I will be honest -- it sure makes me happy when I do. So thank you, one thousand random people out there. I'm sort of struggling to express my excitement level in words, so I'll let the GIFs do the talking. 

And let's throw in some Will Ferrell for good measure:


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