Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I have a present for all you Lola fans out there. The description for Black, the second novella in the Death Day trilogy, is now available! And make sure to stay tuned, because on Friday, September 7th I will be posting an exclusive sneak peek of the prologue. 

Black (Death Day, #2)

Lola is one of the last humans left. Hidden away by her father when the Drinkers first struck, she is now a Nomad, traveling from ravaged city to ravaged city. Forced to steal what she needs to live during the few precious hours of daylight that remain, Lola becomes more desperate and daring by the day. When a terrible decision puts her at the mercy of those that took everything away from her, she must rely on the one person she cannot trust to survive: Maximus, the Drinker responsible for her best friend’s death.

Black, available on Amazon this October! 

Pitch (Death Day, #1) Black (Death Day, #2)

Haven't read PITCH, the first novella in the Death Day Trilogy? Pick it up today at Amazon - it's free until 12AM! Just click on the book cover. What would be easier? 

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