Saturday, August 11, 2012

it's here! it's here!

Jake Gyllenhaal is excited. 

Jake Gyllenhaal excited gif

Rachel and the quirky one are excited.

This scary wrestler dude is SO excited.

excited gif


Well, you know it's not here here. That would just be silly. But it is on Amazon! And what's even better is Amazon got up the "Click to Look Inside" feature SO fast (usually it takes them at least a week) so you can read the first chapter! I love when that happens. So without further adieu, I present... A Lascivious Lady

To see on Amazon, click on the picture!

Can a realist fall in love with a dreamer?

Josephine never wanted to marry Traverson. In love with a Duke, she had dreams of grandeur… until a lowly Earl stole them away from her. Unable to forgive Traverson for what he took, she has exacted her revenge in the most unforgivable of ways. 

Traverson fell in love with the bright eyed, fair haired country girl the moment he first saw her. Entranced before he even learned her name, he used everything in his power to make her his, realizing too late love is something that cannot be bought.

Brought together by a mutual acquaintance, Josephine and Traverson must finally face the feelings they have been avoiding. Can Josephine overcome her tawdry past? Or is it too late to love a man who may have finally given up on her?

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