Saturday, August 4, 2012

happy birthday to me! happy free book day to you!

Today I turned twenty six... It's a little bittersweet. There are SO many things I wanted to accomplish by the time I reached this point in my life, like:

1) Be ridiculously wealthy
2) Be super famous
3) Own a unicorn
4) Be married to Robert Pattinson
5) Race in the Kentucky Derby
6) Catch a leprechaun
7) Swim the English channel  

Okay, okay, so most those are a little far fetched. But #4 could TOTALLY happen. I mean, now that "K-Stew" and "R-Patz" are all broken up and stuff...

Oh yeah, and the one thing I really wanted to do on my birthday?


So for today and tomorrow (August 4th and 5th) After Ever and Pitch will be free on Amazon! Seriously. Completely free. Zero dollars. No $$ required. Click on the book to be taken directly to the Amazon page. Happy reading! 

After Ever (After, #1)  Pitch (Death Day, #1)

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