Sunday, July 15, 2012

pictures polls #1: marcus & catherine

When I write, I often have a specific image of the characters in my head. Once upon a time I tried to shove that image down my reader's throats... Now I am often purposely vague, allowing them (you) to use your imagination. 

That being said, I thought it would be fun to post three pictures of "Marcus" and three pictures of "Catherine" and have you vote on who you believe mostly accurately portrays the Marcus/Catherine you envisioned when you read A Brooding Beauty. To recap, this is how they are described in the story:


"...She gazed back at him unflinchingly, her rosebud mouth set in an uncompromising line and her sapphire blue eyes alight with a stubborn glow..."

"She was petite, almost ethereally so, with a willow like build, soft ivory skin, and a tousled waterfall of gleaming blond hair. This morning she was dressed in a blue gown that accentuated her nipped in waist and delicate features. Her hair was swept back in a loose chignon and pearl earrings hung daintily from her ears. The earrings had been his wedding gift to her, and she had taken to wearing them only when she wanted something..."
* Ironically, the cover model used for A Brooding Beauty looks NOTHING like Catherine is described in the book, but she does look like how I envision Catherine in my mind. Funny how those things work... 


"The flames licked out to highlight the blackness of his hair and the rugged perfection of his profile and it was all Catherine could do not to gaze at him in wordless longing. Swallowing hard, she forced herself to turn away, yanking off her ruined bonnet and crumpling it in her hand as she did so. If only Marcus had grown unfit and fat with age, but alas he still looked every inch the virile man she had first been attracted to. It had been his handsomeness that had caught her attention in the first place, back when she was a naïve girl of seventeen and he a romantic young man of twenty two. He had never looked more beautiful than when she was curled on his lap gazing up at his face, studying the contours of his high cheekbones and the surprisingly soft curve of his lips as he read her Shakespeare or recited poetry."

Color me surprised when I read back through A Brooding Beauty and realized the first true description of Marcus does not occur until the third chapter. It had been hinted at that he has dark hair and dark eyes, but I don't think you get a true idea of what he looks like until you see him through Catherine's eyes.

OK! Here we go. I've selected three model/actresses for Catherine, and three for Marcus. Vote for who you want, and a winner will be selected one week from today! Good luck :)

A Brooding Beauty (Wedded Women Quartet, #1)

Which actress/model best represents Catherine for you? free polls 

Which actor/model best represents Marcus for you? free polls 

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