Thursday, June 14, 2012

ring the bells and hang the banners


That totally makes it seem like a lion or vicious bear that has just escaped from a zoo. Look out, the After Ever is on the loose! Beware it's snarky heroine and incredible wit! It's mind boggling plot and beautiful prose! It's incredible -- okay,  I'll stop post a few GIFs so you can get a general idea of where my excitement level is at. 

Yeah, that's right. Excitement level? THROUGH THE ROOF! (on a totally unrelated note, why can I only ever find GIFs of men? I mean, there's gotta be excited ladies out there -- right?)

Oh wait, I found one:

I'm just so excited

Kristen Bell, you are what we would call an ugly crier. It's okay. I'm one too, at least that's what the fiancee tells me. 

SO ANYWAYS! Yeah. After Ever, my first full length novel about dying and monsters and new love and finding your true self (yadda yadda yadda), is now available on Amazon! And not only that, but until the end of June it will be on sale for $0.99! July 1st I'm thinking of doing a freebie day, but then it will go up to regular price, so get it while it's the same cost as a double cheeser at McDonalds. Actually, get it INSTEAD of a double cheeseburger because everyone knows those make you fat and reading my books makes you skinny (this statement has not been approved by the FDA). 

After Ever

Oh, and if you HAVEN'T seen the clip from Ellen where Kristen Bell totally (and I mean TOTALLY) loses her shiz over a sloth, you have to watch it. You just have to. 

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