Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Review for A Brooding Beauty

I got an e-mail yesterday from The Romance Reviews letting me know that the review I had requested for A Brooding Beauty had just gone live on their website. With that now familiar feeling of dread/excitement, I clicked the link and read (then reread, then... okay... reread again) the review written by Bridget. I'm not going to re-post the entire thing verbatim (because they ask us not to and because it's pretty long) but I did want to put up a few of my favorite snippets. 

"Fiery and intense, neither is completely likeable, and neither behaves very well in each other's company. But their tempers and their anger made them both real people, in pain and made miserable by the one person they thought would always make them happy. Together, even at their worst, there is a spark between Catherine and Marcus, and a familiarity that makes their estrangement that much more poignant." 
"This was also a very cleverly constructed story. The way certain details were held back, and the manner in which they were finally revealed, made for a few surprises that caught me quite off-guard, and the way the story of Marcus' separation from Catherine was explained in glimpses of memory made it feel that much more believable."
"This was a remarkable little story that ran the gamut of emotions and left me breathless. With characters so vivid and writing so emotional, I was riveted from the opening scene to the last, and I can't wait to see what Jillian Eaton has planned for the rest of Catherine's friends in the Wedded Women Quartet!" 

The review in its entirety can be read here. 

I know not every review will be positive, but reviews like these make the other not so awesome ones easier to bear. This review did have some helpful critiques, which I will take to heart, and I can tell the reviewer really took her time to not only read the story, but understand it as well. If this had been a 2 star review instead of a 4, I know I still would have learned something valuable from it. So thanks, TRR & Reviewer Bridget... You rock my socks.  

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