Monday, April 9, 2012

when things just don't go right

This is what I look like today. Two hours in front of the computer and I've managed to write one paragraph of utter suckage. Why do you do this to me, brain? WHY? I fed you coffee, I gave you a good nights sleep, and THIS is what you give me:

The road was dark and dangerous. She didn't want to go down it, but she knew she had to go down the dark and dangerous road even though it was dark and dangerous.  



  1. How about,,, "It was a dark night on a dangerous road."

  2. Hahah, as they said in this last episode of Once Upon a Time - sometimes as you write your perspective changes.. You start down one road and then partway through you get an idea, and then you get another idea.... So go to the beginning and you may find your inspiration there :)

  3. *sigh* I am in LOVE with that show. So mad it was a repeat last Sunday!