Monday, March 26, 2012

Get your free book here!

In honor of A Brooding Beauty's second four star review (yay!) and the upcoming release of the second book in The Wedded Women Quartet, A Ravishing Redhead, ABB will be FREE on Amazon this Wednesday ONLY! After that it will go back up to $1.99, so check it out while the price is zero!


I mean, even the bear is excited! Or he's climbing something... I am undecided. 


  1. Only book 1, A Brooding Beauty is available free this a misunderstanding that you are saying A Ravishing Redhead is the free book??

    A confused new reader....thanks

  2. Hi! Sorry for the confusion!! Only ABB (A Brooding Beauty) is out right now (A Ravishing Redhead will be released on May 1st) so only ABB is available for free today.

  3. Thanks, Jillian
    I'm looking forward to reading the first book anyways....and maybe finding a new favorite author.
    I'll watch for the follow up in May.

    Happy writing...

  4. A photographer/artist named Michael replied to this blogpost that the situation may be a case of misattribution. I said I would so inform you.

  5. Linda,

    As I posted on your blog... This is not a case of theft, but rather of changing the picture and completely forgetting (which I accept FULL responsibility for) to update the copyright on my manuscript. I will rectify this IMMEDIATELY with full apologies to everyone it offended. It was never my intention to give the wrong person credit. Helena Beumer gave me her permission to use the first cover photo I used for ABB, and when I purchased the beautiful photograph I am now using from I made the grave error of not changing the copyright page. I did purchase the photograph from Big Stock, and was told once doing so I would legally be able to use it as cover art for my book. THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention! I feel like an idiot, but am so glad you pointed it out. I will update the correct copyright tonight and it will take effect within 24 hours.

  6. Jillian -- As soon as I received your comment, I updated my blogpost. Thank you for your gracious response.