Friday, March 30, 2012

after ever tease quote of the week

As some of you know if you read this blog and/or check out my goodreads account (click HERE!!) my first full length novel will be released in May. It's called After Ever and is about a girl who learns how to deal with death in some pretty unusual circumstances. With the release date little over a month away, I have decided to post one quote a week from the novel itself. If the quotes sound interesting, you'll just have to check out After Ever when it hits Amazon in May! :) 

After Ever

"Maybe Sam has me confused with some kind of action star, but I don't. I am not a star athlete. I am not some genius geek. My talents are average at best, mediocre at worst. In short, I am not the girl you want by your side when deranged dead people attack." - Winnie Coleman, main character of After Ever

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