Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where i get to brag about my new book

Huzzah! Yesterday I self published my first “book” – a 20,000 word novella. The first in a series of four, A Brooding Beauty  is available on Amazon for the low bottom price of $1.99 (hey, a girl’s gotta eat). Better yet, if you are an Amazon Prime member it's completely free for 90 days! The entire publishing process was amazingly simple and easy to understand. I will write a step by step post on that shortly, because when I was researching what goes into publishing through Kindle I didn't come up with that many hits - with the exception of one author's amazing tutorial on creating an actual honest to goodness book with Createspace, which can be found  HERE. Karen McQuestion, you rock my socks. And you have an awesome name. But back to my book novella. 

There she is! Isn't she pretty? The gorgeous photograph was taken by Helena Beumer. I found it on the awesome royalty free image site Stock.Xchng where you can search for about a bazillion free pictures. Thanks to stock.xchng I now have a new addiction that involves sitting in front of my computer for hours picking out pretty pictures to make book covers for books I haven't written yet. Thanks, SX. Thanks so much. I owe ya one. But again, back to A Brooding Beauty: Book One in the Wedded Women Quartet

The novella takes place in Regency England (which is just about my favorite time period to read and write about, thanks to the likes of Judith McNaught and Lisa Kleypas) and is about a very stubborn woman named Catherine and her just as stubborn husband named Marcus. Catherine and Marcus met, fell head over heels in love, and got married. It was the perfect fairy tale... until Marcus leaves Catherine to go do some business stuff in America, Catherine gets lonely and turns into a big flirt in a desperate attempt to get her husband to come back home, but when Marcus finally does come back home he thinks his wife has been cheating on him and walks out. Now Catherine wants a divorce because she can't stand being in love with someone who doesn't love her back, but Marcus wants to stay married because he is still in love with his wife even though he thinks she hates him. Phew. Somehow, I think my formal book description explains it just a little bit better: 

What happens after happily ever after? 

The marriage of Lady Catherine Nettle and Marcus Windfair, the 7th Duke of Kensington, was declared the affair of the Season. They seemed perfect for each other… until they weren’t. 

Now after three years of separation Catherine wants a divorce. She can no longer remain married to a man who does not return her love and is willing to do whatever it takes – including following Marcus to the secluded cottage in the highlands where they spent their honeymoon – to get what she wants. 

Marcus can no longer trust his wife after what happened three years ago, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. Refusing her ridiculous request for a divorce, he escapes to Woodsgate, confidant his wife will not follow him into the wilds of Scotland. Unfortunately for the Duke, this is one bet he is bound to lose. 

Forced together, husband and wife reach an unusual compromise: Catherine agrees to sleep with her husband for two months, after which time Marcus will grant her a divorce. It is the perfect solution for two people who claim to no longer love each other… or is it?

If you are interested in a fast paced read, dynamic characters, a brooding hero with dashing good looks, a beautiful, spirited heroine and some steamy love scenes, go check it out right now. Even if you don't have a kindle, you can download the app for free right onto your computer! I know this because my mom did it... 'cause, you know, she loves me (and if she can figure out how to do it, anyone can figure out how to do it). For those of you wonderful, wonderful people who do check it out, let me know what you think! I will very much be looking forward to hearing from you.

Oh, and happy two-days-after-valentine's-day day.

Over and out.



  1. Hey Jillian!
    I am super excited for you! These are my favorite types of books and it is also one of my favorite time periods. I always have believed that my "former self" so to speak was back in that time period or around it. I can't wait to read it. I will have to figure out how to download it as I don't have a Kindle (I personally love having the actual book in my hands, but they do take up a lot of shelving space as I have so many!) When I do read it I will let you know what I think! Congrats!! ~Kelley

  2. Kelley,

    Thanks so much! I love the regency era as well (obviously). I didn't jump on the Kindle bandwagon craze at first -- I received one as a gift and it sat unopened for 6 months before I finally figured I might as well give it a try -- but now I am addicted. Another friend of mine didn't have a Kindle either, but was able to download it directly onto her computer.. so that's a possibility. :)

    Thanks again!