Monday, February 20, 2012

The first review is in...

Lisa, of ROGUES UNDER THE COVERS has reviewed A Brooding Beauty! If you haven't been to her blog, check it out. Now. This is what Lisa had to say about ABB:

I really enjoyed the premise of this story--a couple at odds with each other within their marriage.  Lady Catherine married her ideal man at eighteen, Marcus, Duke of Kensington to enjoy a few blissful months together and then he heads off to America to increase his fortune.  Well, this upsets Catherine and she decides to stay in London and attend balls and whatnot and enjoy life even though her husband all but deserted her.  Upon arriving home, Marcus hears rumors of infidelity and it infuriates him and the couple become distant and sharp with each other--just passing each other in society a few times a year.  Catherine finally decides a divorce is in order and naturally Marcus says no as that is just not done but he still loves his wife.  Catherine stills loves Marcus as well even though she believes he has a mistress and cares naught for her. 

This is a classic misunderstanding story between our couple and you can't help but think to yourself--just talk to each other!  But even though the storyline isn't all that fresh, I really enjoyed the writing.  I always love to see stories of strife after the happy marriage because in reality, everyone can not live happily ever after all the time :)  I thought this novella had a wonderful blend of story, heat and love.  Catherine is sharp and plucky and Marcus is a bit brooding and together they make a lovely couple that I was happy to see get another chance at their happily ever after.  This is the start of a quartet and we get just a peek at the other friends that will make up the rest of the stories and I am very much looking forward to them!  I believe this is Jillian Eaton's debut and I thought she did a wonderful job and I hope she branches out into a full length novel someday as I think she could tell an engaging, longer story as well.  For a quick, sexy read mixed with some misunderstandings, A Brooding Beauty is sure to please!  4/5 stars
Thanks Lisa! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ABB has been sent off to quite a few other blogs for review, so I will continue to keep my fingers (and my toes) crossed. I am sure it will not be everyone's cup of tea -- no book ever is -- but hopefully there will be more good than bad/indifferent. If you have a review blog and would like to check out ABB, send me an e-mail! JAEATON@MAIL.COM  

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