Saturday, February 18, 2012

The day i sold 12 books - And have to apologize

So there is this new thing I am addicted to. That thing is checking my KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account every .05 seconds to see if another copy of my book has been purchased. It's a bad, painful, unhealthy addiction and I'm pretty sure I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome, but there is just no way to break this beastly habit. The good news is this:


Okay, so I'm not exactly on the New York Time's best selling list... but I'm still pretty excited, especially since my little novella is self published and no one in the writing community knows who I am and so what if my mom probably bought all twelve copies the majority of those sales came from family and friends. Two days ago I had sold a total of zero books, and now I've sold twelve. Huzzah!

On a more embarrassing, incredibly frustrating note... I finally figured out how to fix the formatting of the novella itself (for the most part it was fine, but towards the end some paragraphs were tabbed over too far and it was driving me CRAZY) and found three (count them, THREE! ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH) more stupid grammatical errors that were fixed. The new updated version (error free and snazzy lookin'!) will be available after 5PM today. 

If you were one of the twelve people who purchased A Brooding Beauty before 5:00PM today, send me an e-mail at and I will send you the new and improved copy for free and a big ol' fat apology. All I can say is this is still a learning experience for me and I've certainly learned a lot so far, lesson number one being 1) You cannot edit enough. 

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